"Why Consultants Love Purple"

You are dedicated to the project management craft and look forward to taking the next step in your career, but the recruiters you are working with aren't meeting your expectations.  They just can't seem to match your professional goals, experience, and preferences with the right opportunity.

At Purple, we are project managers first and foremost.  We understand that project management is a complex, multi-dimensional discipline, and that each project is a unique endeavor that demands a specific skill set.  Using customized questionnaires, we conduct extensive in-person interviews with our project consulting talent and our clients.  We then analyze the data collected and match each project professional with the opportunity that best aligns with his/her goals, experience, and preferences.

Purple makes sure you get the information you need to hit the ground running and start adding value to your project assignment on day one, and that support continues throughout the life of the engagement.  At Purple, we don't just want you to succeed; we want you to love your work.  Purple takes the long view when it comes to relationships with our project talent and our clients.  We base our placements decisions on what is best for everyone concerned; not short term profits.